Bird watching

The Skagafjörður region is home to a large variety of birds, hundreds and thousands of which nest in the islands of Drangey, Málmey and Lundey. The wetlands on the mainland are without a doubt some of the most important bird habitats in Iceland. Many birds nest in the area while others use it as a stop over point during their migratory periods. Parts of the marshland are now nature reserves for birds and the nature reserve near Miklavatn and Borgarskógar are listed in Bird Life International as one of Europe’s most significant bird habitats.

Skagafjörður is a paradise for bird-watchers. In some areas there are small pockets where seabirds, waders, field birds, passerines, grouse as well as birds of prey nest. Conditions for bird watching are also very good. There are four bird watching centres near Sauðárkrókur whith signs bearing information about the many varieties of birds to be found in the area.